Teaching Character Traits in the Classroom

Classroom Discussions

Parent volunteers from the Character Education Committee will be assigned to each class to lead a discussion about a character trait or other pertinent topic once a month at a convenient time as agreed upon between the teacher and parents.

Character Links

Character Links are part of the Positive Behavior Support Program. Character Links are used daily when students “Show Me 3”: respect, responsibility, and kindness, but can also be awarded for other character traits as well. These links are collected by each class and are used as a behavior incentive program as a grade level or on a class-by-class basis.

Cougar Bucks

Cougar Bucks are considered special and awarded to students who go above and beyond showing the Carson Character Traits. The student gets a Character Counts sticker along with the Cougar Buck so they can go home and tell you why s/he earned a Cougar Buck. The Cougar Bucks are then collected and the “money” supports a school wide function.

Etiquette Lunch

With the help from Committee Members and Student Council, Carson students get treated to a different way to do lunch on the first Monday of every month. Special table cloths, flowers and lesson plan integration help make this once a month activity unique and something for the kids to remember. If you are hosting the etiquette lunch here is a handout of instructions.

Character Counts T-Shirts

Each year, the Character Education Committee designs and sells T-Shirts to help students show their pride in school and the character we show. If you would like to buy your own or donate a shirt to a needing student, click here.

Carson Cares

Each year, the Character Education Committee chooses a community service project to work on as a whole school community. In the past, ideas for the project have come from teachers, students, families and friends. This project involves all classes at Carson and typically happens in April each year. The Committee strives to select the project by, or before, its January meeting. If you have an idea for a charity that you would like to be considered for the Carson Cares project, please click here and fill out the Carson Cares form.