Joyful Rigorous and Personalized Classrooms

These three words describe the common vision for excellence for every DPS classroom.

In our vision, DPS classrooms:

  • Excite students to explore, think deeply, solve problems, create and have fun.
  • Engage students in active discussions, rich debates, and deep learning about math, literature, science, social studies, the arts and other compelling areas of study.
  • Individualize content and instruction to meet the needs of each learner.
  • Celebrate the diversity of our students.
  • Ensure every student is known and appreciated for the gifts she/he brings.
  • Empower students to own their learning and challenge them to achieve goals they never dreamed possible.
  • Ignite a passion for learning.

Personalized: Every child is unique. At DPS, we tailor the learning experience to meet the backgrounds, interests, assets and needs of every learner.

Joyful: Learning is fun! At DPS, we nurture the joy that comes from engaging in challenging content and mastering new skills.

Rigorous: Our world is changing fast. At DPS, we engage students in rigorous curriculum designed to prepare them for success in this new world.