Message From the Principal

Hello to you all!


I am beyond thrilled that I have been selected as the incoming principal of Carson Elementary and I cannot wait to join this extraordinary school community. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a strong educational foundation. My intentions are to take the time to learn about the deep traditions and rich history of Carson. I look forward to speaking with and learning from our educators and staff, our students, and their families to find out what you all value most about Carson’s well-established school community.


Allow me to introduce myself to you and give you my background and experience. As I enter my twenty first year in education, I reflect back on my constant goal of building strong relationships with students and staff. I started my career in Mapleton Public Schools in Adams County, then moved to Denver Public Schools where I have been for the last 18 years, first as a teacher and then as assistant principal at Steck Elementary. Steck has numerous similarities to the community and academic rigor at Carson. This past school year, 2019-2020, I served as assistant principal at Place Bridge Academy serving students in ECE-8th grade. Each of my years in education at various schools have served to give me unique growth and experience. I’ve taken away something special from each year, each cohort of students, and each team of educators I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


I am excited to partner with the very involved and invested parents at Carson; it’s obvious that the active PTA and CSC are there for the needs of each student and I will support that in every way possible. I have my Gifted Education Specialist degree and I look forward to using this specific knowledge in collaborating with teachers, school support staff and parents to provide all student the opportunity to excel. I want to build a strong sense of belonging and purpose for each learner. Partnering with the stakeholders, I will contribute to the dynamic environment in which each child can thrive personally, socially, and academically.


I am eager to take on this new challenge, continuing my leadership journey at Carson because this group of diverse learners is supported by this strong partnership between this involved community and our committed school staff. I want to only enhance that. My professional experience involves working with multitude of learners with myriad backgrounds and experiences ranging from special education services to HGT to various physical and socioemotional differences. I have personal experience within my family as my sisters are both hard of hearing.  My youngest sister actually attended Carson in the DHH program. I truly understand the deep need for differentiated learning because each student has individual needs-based variety of life experiences. My own two children are very different learners and parenting them with a joyful, rigorous, and personalized education tailored for their needs is one of my greatest values as a mother.


All of this being said, I sincerely look forward to working with the entire Carson team to ensure we are embarking on the new challenges of educating our learners in the best ways possible, especially as we tread into the new landscape of what going back to school this fall will look like. When I have more information regarding the start of school, I will be communicating with you. I’m eager to meet you all and I hope this letter leaves you in a healthy status ready to enjoy the summer. Have a rejuvenating next couple months and I look forward to connecting with you all.




Mirriah Elliott