The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) meets quarterly in the library.  All CSC meetings are open to the public.

The purpose of the Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in collaborative efforts that support school-wide and district goals.  The CSC provides strategic direction in support of the school’s mission and vision as stated in the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) designed by the CSC.

2018- 2019 CSC Members:

Name Represents
Anne Larkin Principal
Valecia Von Weise Assistant Principal
TBD CSC Chairperson
Liz Terrell Traditional Program Parent
TBD D/HH Program Parent
 Art Maples HGT Program Parent
Natalie Jacobsen Traditional Program Teacher
Patrick Seeney HGT Program Teacher
Erica Kouzmanoff-Vymyslicky D/HH Program Teacher
N/A  Classified Staff
Jodi Hullinger School Committee Representative
Cassandra Perlmutter Community Member

Agenda & Minutes (DocX files):

Last edited March 2, 2015