Character Education Committee


Below is a general description of all that our Character Education Program has to offer:

The Carson Touchstone
“We are proud students, involved parents, committed educators and a caring staff. We are a warm welcoming community offering a safe, nurturing and challenging environment. Our children are comfortable growing, learning, and celebrating differences with consistency, honesty, responsibility, kindness, and respect.”

Character Traits
Our Character Traits are Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Tolerance, Perseverance, Integrity, and Courage. These traits are displayed around the building, in the classrooms, and are the basis for our Character Education Program.

Classroom Discussions
Parent volunteers from the Character Education Committee will be assigned to each class to lead a discussion about a character trait or other pertinent topic once a month at a convenient time as agreed upon between the teacher and parents.

Character Links
Character Links are part of the Positive Behavior Support Program. Character Links are used daily when students “Show Me 3”: respect, responsibility, and kindness, but can also be awarded for other character traits as well. These links are collected by each class and are used as a behavior incentive program as a grade level or on a class-by-class basis.

Cougar Bucks
Cougar Bucks are considered special and awarded to students who go above and beyond showing the Carson Character Traits. The student gets a Character Counts sticker along with the Cougar Buck so they can go home and tell you why s/he earned a Cougar Buck. The Cougar Bucks are then collected and the “money” supports a school wide function.

Carson Makes A Difference Day
As a committee, we choose a community service project to work on as a whole school community. This project involves all classes at Carson and typically happens in April each year.

Pledge to Myself
This is the pledge that follows the Pledge of Allegiance each morning during the morning announcements. “I pledge allegiance to myself and who I want to be. I can make my dreams come true if I believe in me. I promise to stay in school and learn the things I need to know…to make the world a better place for kids like me to grow. I promise to keep my dreams alive and be all that I can be…I know I can and that’s because I believe in me.”

We encourage and welcome all of you to join us for our monthly Character Education Meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5:00pm-6:00pm in the library at Carson. Dinner and childcare provided.

If you have any questions, please reach us by email at delana_dover@yahoo.com & timothywfitz@gmail.com

Character education touches everyone and lasts a lifetime. Be a part of this exciting work and witness, first hand, what an amazing community we have here at Carson!

Character Education Committee: Guidelines


  1. Members must consistently attend monthly meetings.
  2. Members are not required to teach Character Education in a classroom, but those who have chosen to will do so on a monthly basis.
  3. Returning members will mentor any new members as needed.
  4. Members are expected to help with subcommittee work.
  5. Chairperson(s) will serve as the chair for two consecutive years.


  1. Meetings are held once a month, typically on the fourth Thursday in the library at Carson Elementary from 5:30-6:30.
  2. Meetings are open to all adults in the Carson community.
  3. Free childcare is provided in the cafeteria for all Character Education meetings.  Parent will provide any snacks for their child.
  4. Character Education Members will provide light snacks for meetings.
  5. Decisions made in Character Education meetings are open for discussion and decided upon consensus.

Classroom Pairings:

  1. Parent members are paired via random drawing from primary and secondary classroom pools.  Members may trade selections if desired.
  2. If more than one parent member is interested in teaching in a specific classroom then the parents may pair up with each other, take turns, or opt to teach in a different class where help is needed.
  3. Members will communicate with classroom teachers for approval of lesson plan.

Character Education Curriculum:

  1. Members are encouraged to share ideas with other members via email.
  2. Lessons are designed for each grade level so that concepts are consistent, built on over time, and not repeated.
  3. Character Education books can be found in the Carson Library.
  4. Character Education lessons are divided by grade level and kept in the library to be accessed by teachers and character education members.

Character Education Funds:

  1. The Character Education Committee will receive money each year from the Carson PTA to fund the committee’s programs.
  2. Character Education Committee will sell Character Education t-shirts not for profit, but to raise awareness of our program.
  3. Additional funds raised by Character Education via donations, etc will be used to help our Carson Cares Project.


  1. Carson Cares Project is determined at the beginning of each year with hope that some lessons can be tied directly into the culminating project.
  2. Continue to add to and improve our Character Education curriculum.
  3. Continue to recruit new members: both parents and teachers.
  4. Maintain the Character Education portion of the Carson website.
  5. Train 5th grade students to become Carson Character Leaders.