Carson Cares

2015 Project: Denver Animal Shelter

Penny drive: The penny drive will start after the assembly and each class will have until April 24th to collect and count up their pennies. We will be re-using the jugs from the 2013 penny drive (top help supply closet). These will be decorated the week before.

Class Projects: Each Class will have a project they will work on to help the animals at the shelter. Parent volunteers- schedule a Character Ed time between April 8th and 24th. We hope to have the projects finished before the last week so we can display them!

  • ECE- Tye- Dyed bandanas
  • Kinder- fabric/tennis ball chew toys
  • 1st- Fleece puffballs (small dog and cat)
  • 2nd- Knotted rope tug toy (upcycled tshirts)
  • 3rd- Braided rope handles with large knot
  • 4th- Fleece blankets 3feet x 3feet
  • 5th- Cat puzzle boxes (cereal sized cardboard boxes, covered in duct tape w/holes cut out and small toys hidden inside)

Materials we will need:


  • Used tennis balls- Christen Glover looking into supply- need @50
  • Cereal sized cardboard boxes (shoe boxes, small postal boxes) need @40- committee will start collecting, can extend to school if needed
  • Used T-shirts (any size/color/condition) need 100 or more. This collection will need to be school wide. Will put a “save the shirt” notice in Thursday folders and collect mid- March

Items we will need to purchase: Lana will begin bargain shopping but if anyone has a connection (friends & family discount) let her know!

  • Fleece fabric – 70 yards
  • colored duct tape- @30 rolls

2016 Project: April is Carson Cares Month!

projectangelheartlogoEvery year our Character Education Committee coordinates a school wide community service project. This year our Carson Cares Project will support Project Angel Heart. Project Angel Heart delivers highly nutritious meals, at no cost, to those suffering with a life threatening illness right here in our own community.

Carson’s students will help Project Angel Heart by donating standard size boxes of low sugar cereal and granola bars, and by decorating bags and cards for delivery with meals. Donations will be delivered to Project Angel Heart’s kitchen where they will pack the cereal boxes in decorated paper bags for delivery to their clients.

Due to specific nutritious needs please donate low sugar cereals/granola bars in standard size boxes (no bulk).

Schedule of Events:

  • April 10th: Assembly with Mark Smith, Project Angel Heart Spokesperson
  • April 15th: Paper Bag Decorating.
  • April 14th – 25th: Donation drop off at Carson


Carson Cares Recommended Donations
Cereal Granola Bars

Corn Flakes

Raisin Bran

Bran Flakes

Rice Krispies

Special K


Rice Chex

Corn Chex

Wheat Chex


Organic and other brands


Nature’s Valley

Cascadian Farm


Nature’s Path





Kellog’s Special K


Organic and other brands

2013 Project: EDUCAFE – BRAZIL

  • April 4, Carson Cares Assembly:
    • Stephanie Palm-Neves will introduce Educafe to our student body with a video presentation.
    • K-2nd attend from 9:15 – 10:10am
    • 3rd-5th attend from 10:20-11:10
    • Donna and Sheri introduce Penny Drive plan and talk of how the Carson Cares project will look throughout April.
  • April 10, Scrapbooking:
    • 1:45 pm – Video presentation of directions of how to make a personal scrapbook page will be viewed by all classrooms.
    • 2:00 – 2:30 – Char Ed committee members and parent volunteers will help children create a personal scrapbook page for classroom book.
    • Bio and picture of students from Educafe for each class to become acquainted with.
  • April 17, Scrapbooking/Penny Drive Ends:
    • 1:45 – 2:30 – Char Ed committee members and parent volunteers will help children create a personal scrapbook page for classroom book.
    • One cover letter or poem will be written by each class to be included with the book.
    • A total of 17 books will be collected by end of April to be delivered to the students at Educafe.
    • Collection of monies raised in classrooms.  Monies counted and Ms Acevedo announces grand total on intercom, (cheers!)
    • Scrapbooks collected and displayed until May 1st.
    • Scrapbooks boxed on May 2nd and given to Stephanie to transport to Brazil.

2012 Project: “The Power of One”

During the duration of our Carson Cares Project, from April 12-26, we will be collecting $1 donations for We Matter 2…a local organization that fosters animals while they wait to be adopted.  We Matter 2 Foundation is dedicated to rescue homeless and unwanted dogs and cats.  Many of their animals have been abused or neglected.  Many have never had a helping hand.  They provide shelter, vet care, and lots of love and attention to the animals as they wait for adoption.  They also spay and neuter all the animals.  Bela Arrieta is the founder of this organization and is a secretary in a Denver Public School.  Please check out their website for more information at wematter2.com.  Your child’s teacher will be collecting donations.

Our Carson Cares Project kicks off on April 12 with a visit from Kathryn Otoshi, the author of the books, One and Zero.  We are grateful to Dale Katzenberg and Carson PTA for making her visit possible.  Her books focus on the power one person has to make a difference and how everyone counts.  She will sign her books while she is here on April 12th…see the flyer in the Thursday folder if you are interested in ordering a book.

The week of April 16-20, the character education representative will go into your child’s class and help them write a letter so the kids can see the power of one letter.  Letters will be written either as a sign of appreciation or that we are thinking about you…letters will be collected for support staff at Carson, the elderly in our neighborhood, children who are at Children’s Hospital, the firefighters at our local fire station, Temple Emanuel for letting us use their parking lot and facility, the garbage/recycling people who come to our school every week, and/or our American soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

On April 26th, we have Susan Kaplan coming to do an assembly entitled, “It Takes More than One to Bully:  Building a Compassionate Community.”  Susan Kaplan is a storyteller who will weave a story around issues children face at school…specifically the playground.  Primary students will learn about how to play well with others, include others in their play, and not to leave kids out who want to play.  Intermediate students will focus on the importance of following rules in a game, being a good sport (winners and losers), playing fair, and being respectful of other kid’s feelings and skill levels.  As one Carson community of parents, students, teachers, and staff we can make a difference!!! 


2011 Project:

Our Carson Community is working towards one united goal of helping refugee communities throughout Colorado by creating 200 Care Bags filled with toiletries for refugee families.





2010 Project:

The Carson Character Education Committee has developed the Friday in-school Enrichment Program for April. As an entire community, we will be working towards one united goal of helping our own and creating 400 care bags for DPS homeless families that have been identified through the DPS Educational Outreach Program. The bags will include such items as non-perishable food items, games, toiletries and general supplies.

Colorado has approximately 13,000 homeless children

DPS has identified 1,059 homeless students, ECE-12, for the 2009-10 school yr

The mission of the DPS Educational Outreach Program is to help homeless children use education to break the cycle of poverty by providing essential educational supports. Their primary objective is to remove educational barriers that prevent homeless children from having a successful school experience.

We have a great start to our Carson collection of items! Thank you to all our community that has donated! If you have not had an opportunity to donate yet, please see the list below for ideas. Please keep the momentum going through April 23rd so all 400 bags can be filled!

Here is how the Carson Community can help!

Please donate any of the following suggested items for the ‘Carson Cares’ bags.

Additional non-perishable items are always welcomed!

There will be drop off bins at all main entrances starting

Monday, April 5th through Friday, April 23rd.

Thank you for your support!

Can openers Dry Gatorade mix Deodorant
Canned soup Microwave popcorn Lip balm
Microwavable food items Instant Coffee Sunscreen
Breakfast food items Mac & Cheese Body lotion
Canned fruit / veggies Hot cocoa mix Shampoo / conditioner
Granola bars Multi-vitamins Tooth brush & tooth paste
Rice Krispie treats Zip lock bags Hand sanitizer / face


Individual wrapped cookies Word puzzles / crosswords Liquid soap / bar soap
Snack mixes Markers / art paper Paper plates/bowls
Sunflower seeds / nut mix Checkers / Dominoes Plastic utensils
Ramen Noodle Playing cards / dice Dinner Napkins
Beef Jerky Small board-travel games Pens / sharpened pencils
Salt & Pepper Coloring Books / Crayons Middle School Books
Dry Soup Mix Small Notebooks High School Books

If you would like to volunteer in a classroom during this community service project on

any Friday during the month of April, please contact the Character Ed committee via

Wende Abrahm at abrahm5@msn.com for additional details.

2009 Boxes for US Soldiers

General Outline of Program


April 2nd 11:00 am primary grades

April 2nd 11:30 am secondary grades

LTC Laura Clellan will speak & answer a few questions – 3 representatives from the 193rd Military Police Battalion – Colorado Army National Guard unit will speak at the assembly.  These soldiers will discuss what it is like to be a soldier, what it is like to be deployed to Iraq and how much comfort it brings to have support from friends and family back at home.

Request Teachers to briefly discuss with their class about the assembly prior to attending – possibly come to assembly with one class question


  • April 3rd , 10th , 24th  from 1:00 pm – 1:40 pm


193rd Military Police Battalion  – Colorado Army National Guard / total 7 units with 500 soldiers – B Company, Military Intelligence – deploying 75 soldiers in this unit

CPL Katherine Webster (Mary Mosher-Stathes’ daughter) Combat Camera


Our goal is to have the classes mix-it-up so that the students have the benefit of an enrichment program and a mix-it-up experience.

ECE – Pezoa & Ross –

mix it up between classes to create 2 groups (approx 12 each)

  • Group 1 – Sarah Peoza & Para paired for one class
  • Group 2 – Ann Ross & Michael Reisinger paired for one class

Kinders –  Creacy, Mosher-Stathes, Barnett & Berns –

mix it up between classes to create 5 groups (approx 15 each)

  • Group 1 – Colleen Creacy & Judy Yazdi paired for one class
  • Group 2 – Mary Mosher-Stathes & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 3 – Amy Barnett & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 4 – Catherine Berns & Neil Collier paired for one class
  • Group 5 – Angie Hanning & Shaina Martin paired for one class

1st and 2nd – Jordan, Cahill, Santambrogio, Belitz, Orswell, O’Lear, Vinson –

mix it up between classes to create 8 groups (approx 16 each)

  • Group 1 – Holly Jordan & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 2 – Ellen Cahill & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 3 – Kerry Santambrogio & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 4 – Laura Belitz & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 5 – Julie Orswell & Rita Cionitti paired for one class
  • Group 6 – Sherri O’Lear & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 7 – Beth Vinson & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 8 – Laura Peterson & parent volunteer paired for one class

3rd – Osgood, DeGroat 3rd , Decker  –

mix it up between classes to create 3 groups (approx 17 each)

  • Group 1 – Cheryl Osgood & Danielle Cavallaro paired for one class
  • Group 2 – Darby DeGroat & Penny Morning paired for one class
  • Group 3 – Kristen Decker & Tracey Pascoe paired for one class

4th & 5th – Newman, Smith, DeGroat 4th, Goodner, Nork & Saxton –

mix it up between classes to create 8 groups (approx 12 each)

suggestion is to use current mixed-up kickball teams

  • Group 1 – Kathi Newman & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 2 – Jonathan Smith & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 3 – Dawn Goodner & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 4 – Carey Nork & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 5 – Peter Saxton & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 6 – Mike Van Dyke & Cathy Philpott paired for one class
  • Group 7 – Linda Olds & parent volunteer paired for one class
  • Group 8 – Katie Kenton & Ardi Stitt paired for one class



  • 12x12x5 $11.95 per box – 10lbs or lighter
  • 2-3 boxes per group – 26 groups
  • $620.00 – $930.00 shipping costs
  • Student Council voted to donate $600 for shipping costs
  • PTA voted to provide $$, to cover incidentals
  • Character Ed to provide $$, to cover incidentals